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1. Its Fast. Download speeds from1.5 Mbps up to 6 Mbps!
2. Easy to Use and its always on. No more dial up. No more waiting.
3. More Power. Whether just surfing, high-quality streaming audio and video or online gaming action, DSL will give a more pleasant experience and get you there that much faster.
4. Cost effective. DSL works with your existing telephone lines yet it doesn't interfere with your phone service. You won't need that extra line.

About Us
Pacific ISP is based in Central California and is locally owned. Our goal at Pacific ISP is to provide our customers with the best possible internet connection at a competive price. With local ownership and IT experience since 1994, we believe we can provide you a service you can depend on.

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Frequently Asked Questions
A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Questions file.

Here are some common questions and answers that we have encountered.

I am having trouble logging into the internet and get an error "invalid username or password".

Double check the dialup connection box. Make sure your username only and password are in all lower case letters. Example: Username: felix Password: abc123 Try re-entering your username and password.

The dialup connection window does not appear when launching Internet Explorer. There are a couple of possible Solutions for this.

1. First click on 'File' and in the drop down menu you will see 'Work Offline' if there is a check mark next to it click on 'Work Offline' this will remove that setting. Then close all your windows and launch internet explorer. Now the dialup connection window should appear with your username and password. Click 'Connect' button. 2. Open Internet Explorer ( Blue E icon ) Then in the menu click on 'Tools' in the drop down menu click on 'Internet Options' In the Internet Options window click on the 'Connections' tab. Then on the left side of the window you will see 3 options. Make sure that the 'Always dial my default connection' is set.

I get disconnected after receiving my email.

In Outlook Express click on Tools on the menu bar then in the drop down menu click on Options. In the Options window click on the Connection Tab. Check to see if there is a check mark next to "Hang up after Sending and receiving." If there is a check mark located there click on it and remove the check mark. This should solve the problem.

I'm not able to view attachments.

In Outlook Express click on Tools in the menu bar. Then click on Options in the drop down menu. In the Options window click on the Security Tab. Find the Option that says "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. If there is a check mark there. Remove it. This should allow you to view attachments. Due to the vast amount of virus activities I recommend not opening attachments at all. Most viruses come as attachments in emails. If somone must send you a picture then tell them to insert it into the email message itself as opposed to sending it as an attachment that must be opened.

I can't seem to download all of my mail, or outlook express hangs up while receiving a message.

Many people send attachments by email which are simply too large for dialup customers to handle. What you need to do if this happens is to close Outlook Express and restart the computer. Now connect to the internet and open your internet browser. In the address bar you need to type Then press enter. Now enter your email address in the username box and your password in it's corresponding box as well. You will now be logged into Pacific ISP webmail which allows you to delete emails without viewing or downloading them, and thereby preventing a connection stall. Look at the size of the email under the Length header and click the checkbox of any that are over about 250K in size. Alternatively if you see messages that are over 1 megabtye in size such as 1000K you can try just deleting those instead and ignoring the smaller ones. The larger the message the more likely it's the one causing your trouble. Then click the Delete Selected button on the screen. You may want to delete other small emails if you have a very large number of them. You may want to consider using the webmail system for all of your email needs.

I get randomly disconnected or my connection stalls.

There are three probable causes. The first and most likely problem is that you are experiencing line noise. Pick up the receiver of a telephone that is hooked to the same line as your computer and press 1. Now listen for any noise such as pops, crackles, hiss or buzz. If you hear something you need to call your telephone company and have them fix it. Make sure you tell them it is a noisy line. Another common problem is a customer has call waiting service on their computer line. This will disconnect most users if the call waiting tone is heard by the modem inside your PC. You will need to tell the phone company to cancel the call waiting service if this is annoying you. The last problem is simply that you may be experiencing network congestion on the internet. This is a problem which is independent of your line quality and our own service.

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